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M Antonius SEOGS 13MEI2024 

Are you looking for a telecom partner that transcends boundaries and empowers your digital business? Look no further. As the proud CEO of TELESUR, the only full-service telecommunications operator in Suriname since the foundation in 1981, I affirm our commitment to being your trusted digital telecommunications service partner. Therefore, we have invested in a countrywide LTE network offering mobile voice and data service in both the entire coastal area as well as in the interior. The entire coastal region of Suriname is serviced via fiber infrastructure which we are continuously upgrading and expanding.TELESUR is also the only provider of 5G mobile services in the capital Paramaribo since November 2019.

We are participating in the international arena with our mobile service in the Netherlands and we have our own International Fiber Sea Cable (SG-SCS) to offer reliable internet connections. TELESUR’s current position as chair of the CANTO (Caribbean Association of National Telecommunications Organizations) enables us to negotiate beneficial partnerships to offer seamless services for our customers.

Telesur is leading by example by implementing sustainable practices throughout our operations. This includes transitioning to a paperless environment, streamlining processes and reducing our environmental footprint. Additionally, our involvement in e-waste management initiatives demonstrates our commitment to a sustainable future. On behalf of the entire TELESUR family, we invite you to do business with us.
TELESUR, Your Trusted Digital Communications Service Partner is open for business!

Mike P. Antonius M.Sc., M.B.A.
CEO Telesur

A Ramlakhan SEOGS 13MEI2024  

Datasur is the first, biggest and only incumbent commercial datacenter in Suriname. With an initial investment 10 years ago of around $7M we have built a state of the art tier2 ISO 27001 and ISO 22301 certified datacenter in Suriname. Our main value proposition is being your trusted ICT partner, so anything which is needed regarding implementation of ICT services our professional team is able to provide it within the requirements of quality, risk, scope, time and costs.

At Datasur we are committed, convinced and ecstatically enthusiastic to constantly contribute to the sustained and disruptive growth of the ICT business in Suriname together with our customers and partners, with the primary focus on Data center-, Cloud-, Hosting-, Development and Consultancy services.

Anvit Ramlakhan Ph.D., M.Sc., M.B.A.
CEO Datasur


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About Telesur

Telesur is the trusted telecommunications partner for Suriname's vibrant business community. With over 40 years of experience, we are the leading operator, providing exceptional services and state-of-the-art solutions to meet business needs.

Our expertise in managing multi-million-dollar projects showcases our ability to deliver complex telecom infrastructure. With extensive investments in local infrastructure and international partnerships, we offer the most comprehensive range of telecom solutions in Suriname.

From robust connectivity to advanced data services and tailored integrated solutions, we prioritize seamless connectivity and enhanced productivity. Our commitment to superior customer experience ensures professional service, timely support, and cutting-edge technology.

Join the Telesur community and unlock your business's potential with our powerful connectivity solutions.


We are the trusted digital communication partner and we provide our stakeholders with the best experience possible to enable their growth, while caring our environment.

We are passionate about enriching lives by engaging with our customers and partners, to provide high-quality innovative communication services.

Core values statement
We deliver on our promises by being passionate, customerdriven, trustworthy innovative and by working together. 

Telesur Key Projects

Telesur National Broadband ProjectSEOGS_Telesur_TNBP_1JUN2022
28 years ago, on October 30, 1995, Telesur connected Suriname to the internet through dial-up, marking the beginning of a digital era. To realize the e-Suriname vision, the outdated telecommunications network required a significant overhaul. Thus, the ambitious Telesur National Broadband Project (TNBP) commenced in June 2017. As Telesur's largest investment to date, TNBP incurred costs of USD 115 million, partly self-financed and partly funded through a loan from the Surinamese government via the Bank of China. The project involved replacing and expanding the copper network with state-of-the-art fiber optic infrastructure, ensuring existing customers could access higher bandwidths. By placing 253 MSAN cabinets in the network and installing above-ground fiber optic infrastructure, TNBP accelerated connectivity improvements across the nation.


SEOGS_OIL.00_03_45_08.Still 001_17JUN2022

Suriname-Guyana Submarine Cable System: Enhancing Bandwidth Connectivity

To address the increasing demand for high bandwidth, the Suriname-Guyana Submarine Cable System (SG-SCS) was deployed in 2010. This collaboration between Suriname and Guyana's GT&T involved a significant investment of USD 54 million. The project established a vital fiber optic connection, linking Suriname to the worldwide web (www) through Trinidad.
Prior to the SG-SCS, internet connectivity in Suriname relied on satellite connections and the Americas II international fiber optic link, completed in 2000. These connections played a crucial role in meeting the growing internet demands. However, the SG-SCS project was a significant step forward, providing a more reliable and efficient means of meeting the ever-increasing need for internet connectivity.
By establishing the Suriname-Guyana Submarine Cable System, we have further strengthened the digital infrastructure, enhancing bandwidth capabilities and enabling Suriname to seamlessly connect to the global digital landscape.



5G Technology: Pioneering Suriname's Technological Advancement5G_DEC2019
In the fast-paced world of technological advancements, innovation continually knocks at the door as one generation of technology gives way to the next. Shortly after expanding our 4G network for mobile broadband, Telesur became the first country in the region to launch a 5G network on November 25, 2019. This strategic move coincided with our preparations for the Internet of Things (IoT), where smart devices seamlessly communicate with each other via the internet, unlocking unprecedented economic opportunities.

By spearheading the introduction of 5G, Telesur transitioned from a trend follower to a Caribbean leader, empowering Suriname with cutting-edge capabilities. The advent of 5G also paves the way for the realization of "smart cities," where technology integrates seamlessly with urban infrastructure. By investing in this transformative technology, Telesur ensures that Suriname remains equipped to swiftly adapt to the ever-changing market demands.
With 5G, Telesur propels Suriname into a new era of technological possibilities, enabling businesses and individuals to thrive in an increasingly interconnected world




Telesur Community


In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, we believe it is crucial for businesses to adapt and embrace sustainable practices. Within this framework, Telesur has an agreement with Conservation International Suriname and can can consider itself as one of the Friends of Green Suriname. There is also an agreement with Suriname Conservation Foundation and support has been given in setting up the Master of Science program Education and Research in Sustainable Management of Natural Resources at Anton de Kom University.
As part of our commitment to environmental responsibility and operational efficiency, we have carefully evaluated our internal processes and identified an opportunity to reduce our reliance on paper and embrace digital alternatives. The transition to a paperless office will involve the implementation of various technological solutions and changes in our day-to-day operations.
Recognizing the urgent need to address the growing problem of electronic waste, we have taken a proactive approach by implementing a program that focuses on the responsible management of electronic devices throughout their lifecycle. The primary objectives of this project are to promote recycling, reduce waste generation, and ensure the proper disposal of hazardous materials.



EDUCATION_50The Anton de Kom University was provided with a free 100/100Mb fiber optic connection. The PCs for Schools project, in which 763 computers were donated to several schools was also. In addition, 6 months of free internet were also donated per school. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Telesur - despite the economic challenges - provided the community with extra support. For the purpose of education, the Social Internet Package was included in the product range and Free Data was launched.
The latter service gives students as well as teachers the opportunity to visit selected sites via their mobile or tablet, without being charged. There is also cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture to provide all schools with internet.
Supporting girls in ICT (Information and Communication Technology) is crucial for promoting diversity and inclusion in the field. With that in mind Telesur organized a robotic camp as part of the Girls in ICT Day 2023. Our goal is to help inspire and empower young girls to explore and pursue careers in technology.



Over the years, various donations have been made to the benefit of health care. Hospitals have been supported with the purchase of medical equipment and renovation. In addition to that, Telesur has also donated IT equipment. During the pandemic, supporting health care has been a top priority. Among other things, means of telecommunications (smart devices) and facilities (call center service on behalf of 178, free calling for contact tracers and doctors and internet for ICU and quarantine-locations) are offered free of charge to the National Coordination Center for Disaster Management, the Bureau for Public Health Office, and the hospitals. Financial support was also provided in some cases. 


Caribbean Association of National Telecommunications Organizations

CANTO_125pShortened CANTO, founded in 1985, is the regional non-profit organization of telecom operators and companies in the ICT sector. The focus of CANTO is to promote the interests of the companies in the ICT sector in the region. In february of this year Telesur had the honor of co-hosting the 39th Annual General Meeting in Suriname. Currently the present CEO of Telesur, Mike Antonius, holds the position of Chairman of CANTO.



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Phone: 473944 | 474242
Address: Heiligenweg 14, Paramaribo - Suriname
Website: www.telesur.sr
Email: oil.gas@telesur.sr 

Business hours
Monday - Friday 07:00u - 15:00u

ATV | Principal Media Partner of the SEOS SUMMIT 2024

ATV-OIL-AND-GAS_1200X1200_003_22MEI2024.jpgSupercharge Your Reach at the Suriname Energy Oil and Gas Fair with ATV

Dominate the Market with Suriname's Leading Television Network: The Suriname Energy Oil and Gas Fair (June 4-7, 2024) presents a unique opportunity to connect with a vast, engaged audience. Partner with ATV, Telesur's premier television station, and maximize your brand exposure throughout the event and beyond.

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    • Unmatched Reach: As Suriname's leading television network, ATV delivers your message to a widespread audience across the nation.
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    • Credibility and Trust: Benefit from ATV's established reputation for delivering high-quality programming and trusted news.
    • Multi-Platform Power: Extend your reach beyond television with our integrated digital strategy, amplifying your presence online and on social media.



ATV: Your Partner for Success

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Phone: 402050| 402425
Address: van 't Hogerhuysstraat 58 - 60, Paramaribo - Suriname
Email: verkoop@atv.sr


About Datasur

First Commercial Datacenter in Suriname!
Datasur was founded on June 5, 2014, by Telesur to store Big Data locally and bring the international cloud closer. Tier 3 designed and Tier 2 operational we enable you to place your servers, network equipment in a secure environment managed in a responsible and professional manner.

With Disaster Recovery as a Service, Datasur ensures an optimal network, power, cooling of your equipment and of course cost-effective solutions. This way you can regain use of critical systems and IT infrastructure as soon as possible after a disaster occurs.

Datasur has set out a sectorial approach as part of its strategic plan for 2022-2026. With this approach we are and will offer tailor made solutions per sector, such as the financial, insurance, safety, health sector and the government. This will benefit both Datasur and the end consumers. We understand the need for an efficient ICT infrastructure at an affordable rate with excellent quality all too good!

Datasur Vision Statement
Leading the professionalization of ICT services in Suriname and the growth of the Surinamese sector, through the provision and development of high-quality, sustainable, and economically sound ICT solutions

Datasur Mission Statement
We deliver reliable and flexible ICT infrastructures from an internationally certified data center in Suriname to safely manage and house business critical applications and data for our customers.​

Our core values

    • Personal and Regional​
    • Trusted Advisor​
    • Safe and trustworthy​
    • Experienced staff​

Datasur has been ISO 27001 certified since 2015. With the ISO 27001 certificate, we prove that our systems and processes meet the requirements about information security.


Datasur Milestones

    • Pioneering the first High Availability (HA) private cloud platform for a bank in Suriname since 2017/2018.

    • Achieving industry-leading certifications and accreditations since 2015, including ISO certifications ISO 27001 and ISO 22301, to enhance the quality and reliability of Datasur's services.

    • Developing a website for the First Lady of Suriname.

    • Building an application for the Ministry of Labour, Employment & Youth Affairs (AWJ).

    • Creating the 'GPS Jeugd' application to support youth policy in Suriname. Click here for more info

    • Founding member of the Caribbean Datacenter Association: Datasur and Blue Nap Americas established the Caribbean Datacenter Association to promote groundbreaking datacenter innovations in the region. Click here for more info

    • Collaborating with AethiQs: Datasur and AethiQs jointly offer Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions in Suriname and the Caribbean. Click here for more info




Phone: 420909
Address:Peprepinweg 96b, Paramaribo - Suriname
Website: www.datasur.sr

Business hours
Monday - Friday 07:00u - 16:00u


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